AIU recovers gold worth Rs 90 lakh in separate cases at Mumbai airport, arrests 3

Gold worth over Rs 90 lakh recovered from 3 men in separate cases at Mumbai Airport
The passengers were all arrested during the consecutive days from July 29-31 (Picture Courtesy: ANI)

The officials with Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the Mumbai customs have arrested three people over the last 72 hours for carrying gold worth over Rs 90 lakh at Mumbai airport.

The passengers, who were trying to sneak in with large quantity of gold, were all arrested during the consecutive days from July 29-31.

AIU has recovered gold statue of Lord Buddha valued at Rs. 29,50,000 from 33-year-old Dipesh Kashiani, who had arrived Mumbai airport from Bangkok on July 31.

Another person, 26-year-old Shahid Iqbal was intercepted from the domestic Airport Mumbai on July 30. He was caught with gold worth Rs. 31, 63,000. He was hiding the gold bars in his shoes.

In a similar incident, 34-year-old Kishore Kumar Khera got arrested for carrying gold worth Rs. 31,13,000 from his hand bag and stacked on his body.

Expecting a spurt in the number of gold smuggling cases during the festive season, AIU had geared up to tackle this problem.

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