An art installation with a purpose in Dahisar: ‘Save Mangroves’

An art installation with a purpose in Dahisar: 'Save Mangroves'
Image: Saurabh Ghosalkar

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. In a bid to spread awareness about the conservation of mangroves, BMC nominated corporator Aakash Jadhav and local Shiv Sena councillor Abhishek Ghosalkar have set up an art installation in Dahisar that reads, ‘Save Mangroves’. The installation is modeled after the ‘Love Mumbai’ installation at Carter Road.

2. The installation is placed along the road with a kiosk that has information about what they are, their significance, laws protecting them etc in both English and Marathi languages.

3. During his research, Jadhav, who is also a professor at St Xavier’s College, realised that the public awareness about the depletion and conservation of mangroves amongst the masses is minimal.

4. When he researched on the state of mangroves in the city, he found that the once lush patches of mangroves around Versova, Dahisar and Bandra were depleting quite quickly. That’s when he started a campaign to spread awareness about their importance in our natural habitat.

5. Jadhav believes that since ecological preservation is a priority, the government should also set aside funds for the same.

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