Arthur Road inmates fight over ‘crowded’ cells, 4 severely injured

Arthur Road inmates fight over 'crowded' cells, 4 severely injured
Arthur Road Jail

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Four undertrials inside the high-security Arthur Road Jail were seriously injured in a scuffle which broke out between members of two rival groups of the prison on Monday morning. Around 13 jailmates were involved in the brawl.

2. The incident happened at around 8.30 am in barrack number 7 when Muddassar Ismail Ansari (30), Sarvar Maksud Khan (32) and Suleman Mehmood Patel, all prisoners, allegedly assaulted co -inmates Vishal Amkar (31) and Murgan Nadar (52).

3. The accused attacked the victim with a kapri, a sharp weapon made from the aluminium food plates and pieces of metallic sheets with sharpened edges. In the clash, four of the inmates sustained serious injuries and were rushed to JJ Hospital.

4. According to the dean of JJ Hospital dean, Amkar suffered injuries to both his cheeks, left thigh and chest while Ansari suffered a deep cut on the head, besides multiple slashes on the right wrist and left leg. Nadar was brought in with a massive cut on the chest while the fourth injured inmate, identified as Parab, had suffered multiple leg injuries.

5. A case has been registered against the undertrials at NM Joshi Marg police station. Though the reason for the altercation is suspected to be overcrowding, further probe is underway. A jail source also revealed that barrack number 7 currently accommodates 900 inmates, despite having a capacity of just 250 inmates.

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