Balloons explode inside Wadia Hospital during CEO’s birthday celebrations, 4 staffers injured

Balloons explode inside Wadia Hospital during CEO's birthday celebrations, 4 staffers injured
Wadia Hospital (inset: pictures from the CEO’s birthday party when the balloons exploded, courtesy: Mumbai Mirror)

Four senior hospital staffers were injured in a bizzare accident after a bunch of balloons exploded during a birthday party inside Wadia Hospital in Parel on Friday.

The incident took place around 1 pm at the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children in Parel, while the staffers had gathered to celebrate the birthday of their CEO Dr Minnie Bodhanwala.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, some staffers burst crackers and released balloons in the air as Bodhanwala was making her way towards the platform where the cake was kept.

The crackers caused a bunch of balloons, allegedly filled with hydrogen, to explode violently, forcing everyone in its vicinity to the floor.

“We had planned to release some balloons into the air just as our CEO finished cutting the cake. We had also arranged for crackers to be burst at the same time, but then we heard this loud explosion. It was so strong that we were all disoriented for a several minutes,” a staffer told the daily.

Sadia Ansari, an audiologist, suffered 40 percent burn injuries on her back and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Three other occupational therapists – Neesha Kamble, Nivedita Gaikwad and Harshada Satam – suffered minor burn injuries. All three have been discharged as of now.

Since balloons filled with flammable gases are prohibited in the premises, the hospital has ordered an internal inquiry into the incident. The hospital authorities, however, are yet to report the incident to the police.

When contacted by Mirror, both Bodhanwala and the hospital’s medical superintendent Dr Ashwini Jogade refused to comment on the incident.

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