BJP corporator flees Bhayandar flat after police raid for illegal gambling

BJP corporator flees Bhayandar flat after police raid for illegal gambling 1
Prashant Keluskar

A BJP corporator is among the dozen individuals booked for allegedly gambling in a residential flat in Bhayander on Friday night.

Prashant Keluskar, a Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) corporator of the state’s ruling party allegedly fled the scene when Utan police conducted a raid on the flat late night.

The Utan police conducted the raid around 11 pm on the flat located at Indralok on Jangid Complex Road in Bhayander and managed to seize around Rs 30,000 from the premises. Following the raid, a complaint against all 12 individuals who were involved in gambling was registered. A few, including the owner of the flat, were arrested.

A source, on the condition of anonymity, revealed, “It is possible that Keluskar was alerted about the raid beforehand, because of which he was able to flee. Many corporators from rival parties gather at the house to gamble from time to time. When the raid was conducted, more politicians were expected to be present at the scene. But that wasn’t the case. All the remaining individuals were either businessmen or associates.”

“A resident even claimed that he saw Keluskar leaving the building just when the police arrived. But he did not give an official statement. There is also a possibility that cops allowed him to leave intentionally,” he added.

According to one report, the residents had complained to Navghar police. But after the cops failed to take action against the illegal gambling, Utan police was asked to take action.

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