Caught on CCTV: Thief steals 33 phones under half hour from DG Mobile Store in Nalasopara

Thief steals 33 phones under half hour from DG Mobile Store in Nallasopara
A screengrab from the store’s CCTV footage. Courtesy: Rameez Shaikh

CCTV surveillance did little to deter an unidentified thief, who broke into a mobile store in Nalasopara and stole 33 brand new cell phones in a span of half hour on Tuesday morning.

The owner of DG Mobile Store, who arrived at the spot a few hours later, was shocked to find both locks on his shutter cut open.

Upon a closer inspection of his stock, he found that 33 brand new cell phones worth an estimated Rs 7 lakh stolen from the shop.

Although the store has a CCTV camera installed, it did little to deter the thief who simply covered his face with a piece of cloth and went on with his business.

According to an official, the thief reached the spot around 5 am. In a matter of five minutes, he managed to break into the shop and made his way to the area where the phones were stored.

He left the store around 5:30, after spending 25 minutes on selecting the phones.

Police suspect that the thief has been to the shop earlier because of which he was aware of the CCTV camera’s presence.

Prakash Birajdar, Senior Police Inspector with Tulinj police station, confirmed that a theft case has been registered and efforts to identify and arrest the accused are currently underway.

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