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CR to run 18 additional services from Nov 1 with extra halts at Diva, more ladies coaches

CR to run 18 additional services from Nov 1 with extra halts at Diva, more ladies coaches
CR to run 18 additional services from Nov 1 with extra halts at Diva, more ladies coaches

Under the new timetable, 25 new services will be added and 7 will be cancelled (Representational Image)

The Mumbai division of Central Railway (CR) will run 18 additional suburban services on the main line from November 1, 2017, when its new timetable comes into effect.

The re-scheduling under the new timetable will provide CR 15 to 30 minutes of additional maintenance time at night, which will allow servicemen to keep the tracks in a better condition.

Under the new timetable, CR will introduce 25 new services. However, 7 existing services will be cancelled for enhancement of corridor block, resulting in a net increase of 18 services.

Since Dadar, Vidyavihar and Thane stations have witnessed a major surge in traffic, commuters travelling from these stations will benefit from the new services.

In addition, passengers traveling to and from Diva station, which has witnessed multiple protests over the last few months, will also benefit from the 22 additional halts for fast trains. The halts will increase from 24 to 46 from November 1.

Another highlight of the new schedule is the additional accommodation, in the form of three extra coaches, for female commuters travelling from far-off suburbs during peak hours.

The extra coaches will be included in the Titwala-Dadar and Badlapur-Dadar locals, which leave at 8:10 am and 8:45 am respectively.

With the introduction of new services, the daily services on the main line will increase from 838 to 856, while the total suburban services will increase from 1688 to 1706.

New UP services:

1. DTL-2 Titwala Dep. 0810 hrs Dadar Arr. 0937 hrs (3 extra coaches for ladies)
2. DBL-2 Badlapur Dep. 0845 hrs Dadar Arr.0955 hrs (3 extra coaches for ladies)
3. SKP-2 Khopoli Dep. 0510 hrs Karjat Arr. 0535 hrs
4. S-40 Karjat Dep. 1756 hrs CSMT Arr. 1952 hrs
5. DK-12 Kalyan Dep. 1045 hrs Dadar Arr. 1154 hrs
6. DK-14 Kalyan Dep. 1117 hrs Dadar Arr. 1228 hrs
7. TK-12 Kalyan Dep. 1638 hrs Thane Arr. 1711 hrs
8. TK-14 Kalyan Dep. 1810 hrs Thane Arr. 1841 hrs
9. DL-24 Dombivali Dep. 1332 hrs CSMT Arr. 1451 hrs
10. DDL-4 Dombivali Dep. 1348 hrs Dadar Arr. 1449 hrs
11. DL-28 Dombivali Dep. 1458 hrs CSMT Arr. 1617 hrs
12. TAN-6 Asangaon Dep. 2308 hrs Thane Arr. 0015 hrs

New DOWN services:

1. CTL-5 Vidyavihar Dep. 0647 hrs Titwala Arr. 0759 hrs
2. K-29 CSMT Dep. 0905 hrs Kalyan Arr. 1034 hrs
3. DK-5 Dadar Dep. 10.09 hrs Kalyan Arr. 1110 hrs
4. DK-15 Dadar Dep. 1500 hrs Kalyan Arr. 1609 hrs
5. CK-21 Vidyavihar Dep. 1730 hrs Kalyan Arr. 1830 hrs
6. CK-25 Vidyavihar Dep. 1815 hrs Kalyan Arr. 1912 hrs
7. TK-5 Thane Dep. 1725 hrs Kalyan Arr 1758 hrs
8. DDL-1 Dadar Dep. 1220 hrs Dombivali Arr. 1322 hrs
9. DDL-3 Dadar Dep. 1237 hrs Dombivali Arr. 1339 hrs
10. DDL-5 Dadar Dep. 1343 hrs Dombivali Arr. 1445 hrs
11. C-1 CSMT Dep. 0031 hrs Kurla Arr. 0100 hrs
12. C-25 CSMT Dep. 1108 hrs Kurla Arr. 1136 hrs
13. DDL-3 Dadar Dep. 2318 hrs Badlapur Arr. 0048 hrs

Cancelled services:

1. CA-1 Kurla Dep. 0444 hrs Ambarnath Arr. 0556 hrs
2. A-11 CSMT Dep. 0705 hrs Ambarnath Arr. 0820 hrs
3. A-64 Ambarnath Dep. 2029 hrs CSMT Arr. 2211 hrs
4. TLAN-1 Titwala Dep. 0505 hrs Asangaon Arr. 0526 hrs
5. CTL-2 Titwala Dep. 2346 hrs Kurla Arr. 0100 hrs
6. KAN-2 Asangaon Dep. 2332 hrs Kalyan Arr. 0006 hrs
7. TL-65 CSMT Dep. 2220 hrs Titwala Arr. 0004 hrs

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