Depression led Thane man throw woman out of moving train

Depression led Thane man throw woman out of moving train
Representational photo (Flickr)

Three days after police arrested 30-year-old Dinesh Yadav for allegedly throwing a woman out of moving train, the accused has now revealed that he was depressed at the time of the incident.

22-year-old Rekha Navale objected Dinesh’s presence in the ladies compartment of the long-distance train. Following which, in a fit-of-rage, the accused grabbed her throat and pushed her out of the train between Kalyan and Dombivali on Thursday.

During interrogation, Dinesh claimed that he was depressed as he was returning to his home in Thane after attending a relative’s funeral at his hometown, Uttar Pradesh.

Mid Day has quoted a police officer saying, “Dinesh claims that the girl irritated him by complaining to the railway police force and other passengers about him being in the ladies compartment.” He also added that it was not his intention to hurt the woman, but that happened in depression and anger.

The accused, a resident of Kopri in Thane, has been remanded into police custody till June 20.

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