Dombivali man leaves booking amount for new home in rickshaw, driver traces him and returns it

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Representative Image.Courtesy: Kunal Bhatia

On Sunday, an honest rickshaw driver from Dombivali returned Rs 1.5 lakh cash to a passenger who had mistakenly forgotten it in his auto.

The incident happened on Sunday when Krishna Gosavi took an auto to travel from Sagarli gaon to Davdi in Dombivali. Gosavi was going to a builder’s office to pay the token amount for his new flat, when he mistakenly left the cash in the rickshaw.

After ferrying Gosavi, the driver, Prabhakar More, came home. While cleaning the rickshaw, he found a bag on the back seat which he assumed was left by the previous passenger. When More opened the bag, he found Rs 1.5 lakh cash and some other important documents.

Since he couldn’t find the owner’s details, More decided to call the local BJP corporator Mahesh Patil and ask for his help.

Patil immediately asked More to come to his office with the bag. After More arrived, Patil asked his staff to locate the details of the bag’s owner.

After finding Gosavi’s details, Patil asked him to come to the local police station and collect his bag. Later, More returned the bag to Gosavi at the police station in the cop’s presence.

Gosavi was ecstatic after receiving the bag and thanked More for his honest and noble gesture.

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