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Druggies threw 1.5-km patch near Wadala’s Bhakti Park in the dark

Druggies threw 1.5-km patch near Wadala's Bhakti Park in the dark

Street below monorail in Wadala

As a part of their special maintenance drive, the BEST is restoring non-working street lights in the city. One such dark patch that the authorities recently illuminated was the 1.5-km stretch between Shanti Nagar and Bhakti Park in Wadala.

The area below the monorail was so under-lit that residents had to think twice before venturing out of their homes after 8 pm. The dark patch attracted hooligans and had become a hot-spot for delinquents making it unsafe to pass through.

When authorities went to examine the lighting on the street, they discovered that several poles were bent, three were cut-off and one pole was stolen altogether. Authorities claim that underground wires and light bulbs too were thieved by local druggies.

Hence, armed with four teams of officials, labourers, and electricians, the BEST authorities restored a total of 38 streetlights in their 20-day maintenance drive.

Also, they have sent letters to the police requesting action against the ones who damaged and stole the previous lighting.

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