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Harbour line to get its first 12 car train before April 30

Harbour line to get its first 12 car train before April 30

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By converting its electrical systems from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), extending its platforms to run 12-coach trains, the railway authorities are finally paying heed to the Harbour line.
Adding to the list of gifts that the creaking and neglected route of local railway network has received of late, the authorities have now made it official that the Harbour line will get its first 12 car local train before the end of this month.
The CR will run the same lavender-silver coloured 12 car Siemens which run on the Main line.
For time being, Central Railway (CR) will introduce only one 12 car rake which will provide a total of 12 services in one day before April 30. But within the next three-four months, the Harbour line will run only 12 car services.
So far, the CR has received 26 Siemens rakes which will be pressed into service on Harbour line soon.

With the introduction of 12 car rakes, which is equivalent to 190 addition services, it is believed that the rush on Harbour line will come down by 33 per cent.

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