Matunga police nab man who hacked former employer’s websites to exact revenge

Matunga police nab man who hacked former employer's websites to exact revenge
The accused had quit the company a few months back but wanted to exact revenge from his former bosses over their behaviour towards him and delayed salary payments (Representational Image)

Matunga police have arrested a 24-year-old software engineer from Bhuj, who allegedly hacked into two websites owned by his former employer in a bid to exact revenge for delayed salary payments.

According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, the accused, Dipesh Buddhabhatti, had earlier been employed by a Mumbai-based manufacturing company. While the company’s main branch was in Matunga, Dipesh worked in the company’s Bhuj unit in Gujarat.

Last year, the firm’s two websites, through which it carried out most of its business dealings, were hacked by unknown persons.

After nearly two months and a sizable business loss, the company managed to restore their sites. Later, its representative approached Matunga police and filed a complaint in the matter.

Once the FIR was registered, Senior Police Inspector Bharat Bhote formed a team led by Vinay Patankar and Maruti Shelake to nab the hackers. The team traced the location of the hack and subsequently zeroed in on Dipesh.

He was arrested from his house on Tuesday and brought to Mumbai on Wednesday.

After questioning, police said Dipesh was a former employee of the company and although he had quit the company a few months back, the wanted to exact revenge from his firm’s bosses for their behaviour towards him and the alleged delay in paying his salary.

Since he was well versed in technology, he hacked the company’s websites as payback. The sites were down between April and June 2018, during which the company has claimed to have suffered a huge financial loss.

The accused has been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act.

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