Mini-truck hurled 10 feet in air due to pipeline burst in Borivali

Mini-truck hurled 10 feet in air due to pipeline burst in Borivali
Screengrabs from the video

A mini-truck was hurled at least ten feet in the air after a pipeline, underneath the road it was parked on, burst open in Mumbai’s Borivali area during the wee hours of Tuesday.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place around 1 am yesterday when a 72-inch water pipeline burst near Chikuwadi in Borivali West.

Locals who had gathered on the spot were shocked to see a Mahindra mini-truck, parked on the road above, hurled at least ten feet in the air by the force of the escaping water.

At least three other vehicles parked in the vicinity were damaged in the incident. The water also seeped into the exhaust and underbody of several others.

After the vehicle was dislodged, the water gushed to a height of 15-20 feet, eye-witnesses said. The entire lane was submerged in a pool of water at least a foot high.

While there was no external damage to the pipeline, the manhole cover was lodged in the air due to water pressure, civic officials were quoted saying.

Although no injuries were reported, water supply to the neighbouring areas was severely affected.

The hydraulic department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) started the pipeline’s repair work early in the day and completed it by yesterday evening. The water supply, meanwhile, was fully restored today morning.

An additional water supply line was provisioned on Tuesday afternoon to minimise inconvenience to locals.

A video recorded by bystanders shows the extent of the damage and the vehicle being flung in the air after the pipeline burst.


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