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Mulund watchman murders wife, confesses to cops

Mulund watchman murders wife, confesses to cops
Mulund watchman murders wife, confesses to cops

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A domestic quarrel took a turn for the worse when a 35-year-old watchman allegedly attacked and killed his wife during the wee hours of Tuesday in Mulund.

According to a police official, the accused, identified as Lakham Devkar, first strangulated his wife and then cut her face with a cleaver. The victim, 36-year-old Parvati Devkar, died on the spot. Before the death could be reported to the police, Lakham approached the cops and confessed to the crime.

“When we questioned the neighbours we found out that the couple fought regularly over domestic issues. Some also mentioned that Lakham had beaten his wife in the past. Late Monday night, the couple got into an argument while Lakham was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. In a fit of rage he strangulated his wife and slasher her face with a cleaver,” said an official attached to Mulund police station.

Lakham reportedly called his employer, Mulund-based builder Prabhakar Shetty, after the incident and asked him to come over. But, before Shetty could reach, Lakham got impatient and reached his house. When he met Shetty, his shirt was soaked in blood.

After he informed his employer about what had transpired, Shetty rushed to his house to check if Parvati was still alive. Meanwhile, Lakham went to the police station and confessed to murdering his wife.

Mulund police booked him for murdering his wife and took him in police custody.

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