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Mumbai Central NOT renamed as Nana Shankar Sheth Terminus: WR

Mumbai Central NOT renamed as Nana Shankar Sheth Terminus: WR
Mumbai Central NOT renamed as Nana Shankar Sheth Terminus: WR

Mumbai Central has not been renamed as Nana Shankar Sheth Terminus

Many commuters were left confused on Wednesday morning after various posts on WhatsApp and Social Media Platforms suggested that Mumbai Central station had been renamed after philanthropist Nana Shankar Sheth from April 16.

Earlier today, social media platforms were littered with messages claiming that the station had been renamed after Jagannath Nana Shankar Sheth, considered as the ‘Father of the Indian Railways’.

“Mumbai Central station has been renamed as *Nana Shankarshet Terminus* with effect from 16 April, 2018” read one Facebook post. Several similar posts were being circulated on other platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

The confusion, it seems, stemmed from a protest organised by the Akhil Bharatiya Daivadnya Samajonnati Parishad earlier this week, in which its members demanded that the station be renamed after Nana Shankar Sheth.

During the protest, members unveiled a standee with a picture of a plaque commemorating the day when the station was renamed.

The authenticity of the picture likely caused many, including some prominent media outlets, to take it at face value and share it on social media.

Since many regional parties have called for renaming stations to gain political mileage in the past, the decision to rename Mumbai Central drew sharp criticism from some netizens.

“Wow… Now we can expect to get clean trains, good service, and train arrival on time at stns. Lol…. I just don’t understand if renaming of places make difference. Hope for the best service now,” tweeted one.

“@PiyushGoyal @narendramodi @RailMinIndia @WesternRly why in the world did you change the name of #MumbaiCentral? Is there a benefit to commuters with this or just a #votebank #politics? #Mumbai #India,” asked another user.

The barrage of messages prompted Western Railway to issue a clarification. “There has been no change in the name of Mumbai Central station @drmbct,” it tweeted from its official account.

Protest for renaming the station:

Back in 1982, Akhil Bharatiya Daivadnya Samajonnati Parishad proposed that Victoria Terminus be renamed after Nana Shankar Sheth. But, over a decade later, the station was finally renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

Although it did not oppose the decision to name the station after the Maratha warrior, its members have held several demonstrations over the years to press for renaming Mumbai Central after Nana Sheth.

The suggestion of renaming the station has even been raised in the legislative assembly and forwarded to former Railway Minister for consideration. But, the organisation claims that authorities are yet to take a decision despite lack of any opposition.

On Monday, several leaders, cutting across political lines, lent their support to the move by participating thein the silent protest held outside the station.

The organisation even undertook a signature campaign to garner support for renaming the station after Sheth, who had played a pivotal role in establishing the Indian Railways, going to the extent of offering his own land for the construction of the railway office.

Taking cognizance of is efforts, the British Government appointed him as one of the ten directors of the Great India Peninsula Railway. Apart from his contribution to railways, he also set up multiple schools in the city.

In the past, several political parties have pressed for renaming Mumbai’s suburban stations after local areas, leaders or other prominent figures instead of the present colonial names.

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