Video: Auto driver brutally assaults woman near Bandra terminus, cop intervenes

Video: Auto driver brutally assaults woman near Bandra terminus, cop intervenes
The video shows the driver thrashing the woman in broad daylight (screengrabs from the video)

At a time when crimes against women have sparked a nationwide outrage, an autorickshaw driver was caught brutally assaulting an unidentified woman near Bandra terminus on Tuesday. The incident was caught on camera by a bystander.

In the video, the driver can be seen repeatedly punching the woman as she unsuccessfully tries to restrain him in the presence of dozens of onlookers, none of whom try to intervene.

Upon hearing the commotion, a police official, who was in the vicinity, comes to the woman’s rescue and catches hold of the driver.

According to preliminary information, the driver alleged that the woman broke the side mirror of his brand new autorickshaw. When he confronted her, she started abusing him and threatened to cut him with a blade.

The woman, on the other hand, claimed that the attack was unprovoked.

One eye-witness said that both driver and the woman abused each other, following which the driver got into a physical altercation with the woman.

The police official detained the driver and took both of them to the nearby Nirmal Nagar police station, where further inquiry is underway. The report will be updated with additional details as it becomes available.

The incident comes in the backdrop of a rise in violent crimes against women in the state.

According to provisional data compiled by the crime investigation bureau, a total of 32,100 cases of crime against women were registered in Maharashtra in the year 2017 in comparison to the 31,275 in 2016 and 31,126 in 2015.

Bandra, incidentally, witnessed a massive protest last week when thousands had gathered to demand justice for the victims in the Kathua and Unnao rape cases.

Ironically, a woman who was walking by the Carter Road promenade was harassed by an alleged drunk man while the protest was underway. The miscreant was later arrested.

Video (Discretion Advised):

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