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Mumbai Metro saves almost 3000 litres of water a day

Mumbai Metro saves almost 3000 litres of water a day

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1. In the wake of Maharashtra’s ongoing drought, Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) has set an example by cutting down its water consumption and adopting effective water conservation techniques.

2. Over the past few months, Mumbai Metro has added a dust-repellent coating on the rake’s floors to make it easier for cleaning. They have also adopted a new cleaning technique which has cut down water consumption by 90 percent.

3. With over 16 rakes, the change in interior cleaning method alone has led to a saving 180 litres per rake and resulted in a saving of over 86,000 litres of water each month.

4. The water used for cleaning the rake’s outer body is also recycled and re-utilized for other purposes like beautification.

5. In addition, Metro authorities also invested in rainwater harvesting right from the project’s beginning. Now, most of the water used by the transport body for washing the rakes is sourced from rainwater harvesting.

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