Mumbai police declares ‘general alert’ in the city after Orlando massacre

Mumbai police declares 'general alert' in the city after Orlando massacre
General alert declared in the city

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. Days after the horrifying murder rampage left 50 dead at a popular gay club in Orlando, Florida, Mumbai police have declared a general alert in the city and are trying to gather intelligence to gauge if a similar threat exists to the LGBT community in the city.

2. Police sources informed The Hindu that unlike other cities in Maharashtra, Mumbai was more prone to such an attack and therefore warranted precautionary action.

3. Police commissioner D.D. Padsalgikar also confirmed to the daily that a general alert has been declared and all necessary precautions are being taken.

4. Since there has been no case of the LGBT community targeted in a similar attack in the city, cops are trying to get a sense of whether the community is in any sort of risk from their sources.

5. Mumbai police’s Social Media Lab is also keeping a vigilant eye on social networks like Facebook, Twitter in a bid to identify any type of suspicious activity. Apart from tracking regular keywords like ‘IS’, ‘ISIS’ and ‘Jihad’, cops are also keeping a tab on Orlando and LGBT related keywords.

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