Mumbai Police reunite 68-year-old with family in 2 hours with the help of social media

Mumbai Police reunite 68-year-old with family in 2 hours with the help of social media
Saimullah was reunited with his family two hours after his pictures were shared on social media

Mumbai Police on Tuesday reunited a 68-year-old, who could not recollect his address or any other details, with his family in two hours with the help of social media.

On Tuesday morning, a mobile patrol van found the sexagenarian at Sakinaka junction. When officials tried to ask him what he was doing there, he drew a blank.

As he was unable to recollect any personal information, cops brought him to Sakinaka police station.

At the station, Inspector Sanjay Chavan tried to converse with the elderly. After a few minutes, he told cops his name, Samiullah, but was unable to recollect details of his family members or his address.

Since all attempts at tracing his relatives were in vain, officials shared his photographs on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Within two hours, Saimullah’s daughter Mahejbeen Reheman visited Sakinaka police station with his identification documents.

The father-daughter duo was reunited and allowed to leave the police station after completing the necessary formalities. The family resided at Siddharth Nagar, Mhada Colony in Powai.

Mahejbeen told cops that she was alerted by one of their relatives, who called her after seeing Saimullah’s picture on WhatsApp.

Mumbai Police is extremely active on social media, with over 30 lakh followers on Twitter alone.

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