Woman mercilessly assaults 4-year-old girl inside lift in Trombay, arrested

Woman mercilessly assaults 4-year-old girl inside lift in Trombay, arrested
Screengrabs from the CCTV footage

A woman has been arrested for brutally assaulting a four-year-old girl and robbing her inside the lift of a residential building in Mumbai’s Trombay area.

The incident came to light earlier this week after CCTV footage of the incident started circulating on social media.

Rizwana Begum, the accused, was arrested the same day under IPC section 394 (voluntarily causing hurt while committing robbery), a senior police official said.

According to reports, the incident took place around 3 pm on Wednesday when the girl, Janhavi, was playing with her brother. Sometime later, Begum called out to her, pulled her in the lift and started beating her as soon as the lift started moving.

In the 2-minute long CCTV footage captured by the lift’s camera, Begum is seen brutally thrashing the girl, who is crying in pain. Begum also snatches away the away the girl’s earrings, which the police recovered after she was arrested.

When Janhavi’s mother Sarika heard her cries for help, she rushed to the lift thinking her daughter may have got trapped inside.

However, upon opening the door, she noticed that her daughter was being assaulted by a woman. But before she could do anything, Begum shut the lift’s door again and took it to the seventh floor.

After other residents realised what was happening, they rushed to the kid’s aid and pulled Begum out of the lift. Janhavi, who had sustained several injuries on her body, was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Janhavi’s family resided on the fourth floor of Sai Sadan building in Trombay’s Maharashtra Nagar. The 42-year-old also lived in the same building, but on the sixth floor.

Following the incident, Janhavi’s family alleged that Begum wanted to kill the child and pressed the cops to book her for attempt to murder as well.

While Begum did try to steal Janhavi’s earrings, police are yet to ascertain why she continued assaulting the kid even after that. Further probe is underway.

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