Mumbai Railway police to accept complaints online

Mumbai Railway police to accept complaints online 2
The homepage of the web portal

On Friday, Mumbai Railway police launched a new portal in a bid to make the process of filing complaints easy for railway commuters.

Upon visiting the portal, a user can choose to file a complaint as a regular commuter or as a female commuter. The process of filing a grievance involves filling a form with the options – Name, Phone Number, Email Address, PNR, Train Number/Name, Complaint Message and an option to upload an attachment.

Once the form is filled, users immediately receive an email confirmation with their complaint number. When we filed a complaint to test if the portal was functional, we received a call within a minute of submitting it.

On the call, the operator informed us that they have been instructed to call each complainant as soon as a complaint was filed. We were also told that the 24 hour helpdesk has has women operators for assisting female complainants.

Overall, the portal is extremely straightforward and easy to use as the only options available to users are filing a complaint or changing the language (supports Hindi, Marathi and English).

The portal can be accessed from the following link:


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