Flop Show: Mumbaikars happy or indifferent with today’s auto strike

Flop Show: Mumbaikars happy or indifferent with today's auto strike
Twitter reacts on Auto strike

Ever since Ola and Uber burst onto the ‘taxi’ scene in Mumbai, there’s been an unrelenting opposition from taxi and auto unions in the form of agitations and strikes.

At this point, we are going on a limb and assuming that by now everyone knows whats going on. Commuters are more than willing to pay those who provide service, but unions have would rather get rid of the competition first before proving any. And ya, the state government has a role to play here somewhere. But, they’re currently busy dealing with other things.

While Mumbaikars have been fortunate so far, as most strikes have ended up getting cancelled at the last minute, today was different. The leader of Mumbai’s biggest auto union, Shashank Rao, had called for a strike earlier in August and refused to take the bait offered by the state government. The union finally went ahead with the strike today as planned.

So on Wednesday morning, when we expected to see a barrage of tweets/posts of disgruntled working professionals or college students furious over the lack of transportation, social media sang a completely different tune.

While summarizing the voices of thousands of Mumbaikars may be a tad difficult, if we had to, we’d say they all echoed ‘indifference and happiness’. A stark contrast from the response a strike of this magnitude would have entailed just 3-4 years back.

Now, we’re not saying that absolutely everyone was positively thrilled or didn’t care about the strike, but indifference seemed the most resounding sentiment.

To our knowledge, here are some of the tweets that summarize the ‘sentiment’ best:


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