Mumbai’s water reserve to last till 1st week of July

Mumbai's water reserve to last till 1st week of July 1
Vaitarna Dam

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. According to a Times of India report, Mumbai has only 25 days of water available in its lakes, i.e. till the first week of July.

2. Despite the fact that BMC imposed a 20 percent water cut from August 2015, there is a deficit of roughly 67,816 million litres of water compared to last year’s stock as of June 9.

3. The total stock available in all seven Mumbai lakes as of June 9 2016 is 1.42 lakh million litres. Last year, on June 9 2015, the stock was nearly 2 lakh million litres thanks to the light showers near the Bhatsa and Tansa lakes.

4. Other than a 20 percent water cut, the city’s civic body also imposed a 50 percent water cut on stadiums, shopping malls, 5-star hotels, factories etc to tackle last year’s erratic monsoon.

5. Since the India Meteorological Department has predicted a good monsoon this year, the civic body is hoping that it won’t have to resort to using its reserves. According to IMD, Mumbai should start getting light rains from this weekend.

Statistics from Times of India

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