Pay Rs 200 fine if caught clicking selfies on Mumbai-Pune expressway

Pay Rs 200 fine if caught clicking selfies on Mumbai-Pune expressway
Representational Image. Picture Courtesy: Team BHP

In a crackdown on motorists taking an unnecessary halts on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the Highway Police has fined over 100 persons for clicking selfies against the picturesque backdrop.

According to officials, the beautiful weather coupled with the lush green surroundings make it an ideal spot for selfies. However, by stopping their vehicles on the expressway, motorists end up risking the lives of everyone involved.

To take stock of the traffic situation on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, State traffic chief Additional Director General of Police (Traffic) R K Padmanabhan visited the highway on Saturday.

During his visit, the Highway Safety Patrol (HSP), Pune submitted a detailed report on the actions taken against errant drivers on the expressway.

Since it’s inception, the entire stretch of the Mumbai-Pune expressway has been a no-halt zone, except in cases of emergency. However, not all motorists abide by the rule.

From September 10, the HSP team has fined over 2,600 drivers for over speeding, lane cutting, rash driving and illegal halting. Of the 2,600, over 100 were booked for stopping vehicles and clicking selfies.

A total of Rs 5.5 lakh in fines has been collected from all offenders.

However, unlike rash driving and over speeding fines, the fine for taking a halt to click selfies does not exist. So highway police officials issue a challan of Rs 200 to such offenders.

The recent crackdown comes in the wake of the increasing number of accidents on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Since many people have lost their lives after speeding vehicles have rammed into stationary ones, the highway police is trying to ensure that motorists don’t put their and everyone else’s life in danger by taking illegal halts at the expressway.

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