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Six men arrested for ‘failed’ bank robbery in Mumbai

Six men arrested for ‘failed’ bank robbery in Mumbai
Six men arrested for 'failed' bank robbery in Mumbai

After failing to open the vault room and ATM machine of an ICICI Bank branch in Agripada, the robbers fled with a laptop, an insta-banking machine & a cell phone (Representational Image)

Police have arrested six men who had tried to rob a branch of ICICI bank in Mumbai last month but only managed to flee with a laptop, phone, and a few other items.

According to officials, the incident had taken place in the early hours of October 28 at the ICICI Bank branch situated at the Babasaheb Gawade Institute near Maratha Mandir theatre in the Agripada area of Central Mumbai.

At least seven robbers first beat up security guards of the bank and entered the premises. They then tied the two guards with nylon ropes, put cello tape on their mouths, blindfolded and confined them in a room inside the bank.

The robbers tried to break open the vault room and ATM machine with the help of gas cutters but failed. However, before escaping, they took a laptop, an insta-banking machine and a mobile phone of one of the guards with them.

The next day, Nagpada police registered a case in the matter following a complaint by the guards.

During the investigation, the police arrested Arjun Choudhary (23), one of the gang members. Upon his interrogation, cops learned that other gang members had left by train to Gorakhpur and Lucknow, after which a team was sent to nab them.

With the help of their local counterparts, the Mumbai police arrested four more gang members – Manukumar Prasad (20), Ravikumar Prasad (21), Sandeepkumar Prasad (23) and Amitkumar Singh (24).

After bringing them in the city, the police arrested one more accused in the case, Rohit Kumar Choudhary. The search for the seventh accused in the case is underway.

Meanwhile, police have recovered all the items stolen from the bank.

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