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Video: Supporters of rival NCP leaders Nawab Malik, Sanjay Patil clash during Chembur rally

Video: Supporters of rival NCP leaders Nawab Malik, Sanjay Patil clash during Chembur rally
Video: Supporters of rival NCP leaders Nawab Malik, Sanjay Patil clash during Chembur rally

Screengrab from the video showing Patil’s bodyguard brandishing his handgun

Members to two rival factions, both from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), clashed during a rally in Chembur on Tuesday evening. Although initial reports suggested that shots were also fired during the scuffle, police are now saying otherwise.

The clash took place between supporters of NCP leaders Nawab Malik and Sanjay Dina Patil during a rally at Deonar area in Chembur earlier today. Malik is the national spokesperson of NCP, whereas Patil is a former Lok Sabha MP from Mumbai.

“A scuffle broke out between two factions of NCP workers. Police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control,” said Ashok Dudhe, spokesperson and Deputy Commissioner of Police.

A source had earlier claimed that two shots were fired.

Dudhe, however, refuted the claim and said some people brandished their weapons, but no shots were fired.

Malik was already present at the rally when Patil arrived with his guards. As soon as both leaders were present at the venue, their supporters started shouting slogans against the other, leading to an altercation between the two groups.

The altercation soon took a violent turn and six people were reportedly injured in the scuffle.

After the crowd dispersed, the supporters gathered outside Deonar police station and continued shouting slogans.

Malik has alleged that Patil resorted to firing at the event and accused him of orchestrating the attack against him.

He also claimed that he was injured when some of Patil’s supporters tried to attack him with swords.

“Around seven to eight unidentified persons carrying guns and swords had entered the rally. They targeted me however I have managed to escape. I have filed a complaint with the police in this regard. Our party activists had tried their best to nab one of the accused carrying a sword. Sanjay Dina Patil must be ousted from the party,” he said.

Patil meanwhile rejected Malik’s allegation and claimed that he was the one who was attacked with swords after arriving at the venue, following which his bodyguards removed their weapons.

The leader, however, maintained that no shots were fired.

An onlooker managed to capture a part of the scuffle where Patil’s guard can be seen brandishing his gun.

Deonar police has initiated a probe into the matter.

Update (Nov 30): Police registers FIR against nine NCP workers for creating ruckus during rally. Five of them have been arrested and four others are currently absconding.


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