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A day in the life of Mumbai

A day in the life of Mumbai
A day in the life of Mumbai

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“Bombay is not a city, it’s an emotion” is a cliché which has been doing rounds since ages. But what do those words really mean? That’s the real question one should ask.

On a typical Monday morning a Mumbaikar starts his day depending on the previous night’s schedule. A thing that’s noticeable is that a person’s workplace and home are in opposite directions. The truth is, this city never lets a person have their way. It does make them tenuous at times but also stronger. Life here is an experience everyday.

It’s not the people that make Mumbai, instead it’s the 18.4 billion dreams that give hope to live life passionately. Thousands come everyday to test their luck, some succeed, some return back. Only those who have the courage to wait and work, stay back while others feel beaten. Successfully walking out from a Virar local tells how patient one has to be in the city.

Life here is lived in moments. One loses or wins in moments. When one hits the rock bottom the sea shores cry along. And yet it is in these incessant smashing of the waves through the night, that gives them strength back, out of nowhere to prove the city their worth. This feeling, that the city nourishes and yet is oblivious to the pain and joys of the people makes them hold to the city.

Everyone has their own share of joys and sorrows. One has the time to watch by an accident on the streets but not to wait in the queue. Accomplishments are cherished here and failures are backed by hope and hard work. The city’s capacity to accommodate is commendable. Acceptance is the city’s best quality. Festivals are celebrated with sheer joy and terror is tackled with open arms. The city that never sleeps indeed enjoys sleeping whenever and wherever possible. Time holds the highest value and is equally irrelevant to the best excuse of being late.

Every person is their own businessman, fighting their own shares. One has more friends in ‘pass wali chai ki dukan’ than in real life. Slums are the spirit of Mumbai. They give people the courage to take chances and change lives. Where one comes from is less important than the dignity and quality of one’s work. Mumbai can very well be described as the ‘karma bhumi’ (land of karmas). Friendships are the basis of life and love is valued. The city is and always will be welcoming.

The best part is, once you become a part of mumbai, you are a mumbaikar for life. The charm of the city lies in the fact that no one ever forgets it. The beauty of Mumbai is irrevocable! All hail Mumbai!

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