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Thane police arrests two men for trying to smuggle endangered Pangolin 1

Thane police arrests two men trying to sell endangered Pangolin

Thane Crime Branch on Friday recovered an endangered Pangolin from two persons who were allegedly trying to sell it. Pangolins are the most illegally...
Citizens nab chain snatcher who tried to steal from elderly in Thane

Citizens nab chain snatcher who tried to steal from elderly in Thane

In a valiant effort, a group of alert citizens caught a chain snatcher red-handed after he tried to steal a gold chain from a...
Waterway connectivity between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai airport on the cards

Navi Mumbai airport to be connected to Mumbai city via waterway route

Union Minister of Water Resources, Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said his ministry will connect Navi Mumbai International airport with Mumbai...
Unsure about employment, hundreds of Gitanjali Gems & Gili India workers stage protest

Hundreds of Gitanjali Gems, Gili India workers protest over uncertainty of employment

Hundreds of distressed employees of the scam-hit Gitanjali Gems took to the streets and staged a protest outside the company's office in Andheri on...


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