12-member team makes 332 kg samosa for a world record

12-member team makes 350 kg samosa for a world record
The team responsible for preparing the ‘record breaking’ samosa


A team of twelve members came together to make the world’s biggest ‘samosa’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj district on Tuesday.

The team, led by Ritesh Soni, took around 13 hours from Monday night to Tuesday morning to make the samosa in Maharajganj’s Siswan locality. At the time of presentation, the samosa weighed roughly 332 kg.

Soni is confident that they have broken the existing world record and is planning to notify the Guinness Book of World Records about their achievement. The entire process has been recorded for authenticating the claim.

According to official records, the current world record is held by a team of students from Bradford College in Britain who had made a 110 kg samosa.

12-member team makes 332 kg samosa for a world record
Bradford College team held the earlier record

The ingredients for the preparation included 3 quintals of potatoes, 1.5 quintals of white flour, 5 kg salt, 20 litre cooking oil, 2 kg peanuts, 1.5 kg red chilly, 1 kg coriander and a few other materials. Over thirty tables were joined together the knead the dough and it was fried in an 8-foot wide, 9-foot long and 6-inch deep metal pan.

While talking to a leading daily, Soni was quoted saying, “We want to put Maharajganj on the world map. Setting the world record will serve that purpose to an extent. It will draw the government’s attention to Maharajganj city, which has been neglected on the development front.”

The record will only be made official after a thorough inspection from a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records.

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