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Aarey’s popular milk products to be available across city retailers

Aarey’s popular milk products to be available across city retailers
Aarey's popular milk products to be available across city retailers

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In a bid to boost the sales of its renowned milk product brand Aarey, the Dairy Development Department of Maharashtra has decided to start marketing it and increase its availability across the city.

Aarey’s product line includes popular products like Energee, Masala Milk, Lassi, Flavored Lassi, Dahi, Ghee etc. However, their sale is currently limited to Aarey Sarita booths, which are allotted by the civic body. Going forward, however, the department wants to make the products available to retailers across Mumbai.

The brand prides itself on providing high quality milk products at competitive rates, one of the biggest factors contributing to its growing popularity over the last decade. However, the owing to the limited availability and sales, the brand hasn’t reached its potential as far profits are concerned.

While the sale of Aarey products is limited to around 1000 Aarey booths in the city, the government plans on granting licenses to retailers who can guarantee a minimum sale of 50 litres a day.

“Aarey products have always been in demand. The government is taking the right step by allowing retailers to stock and sell Aarey products. The target of 50 litres is also very reasonable. Most retailers would be willing to stock their products because they are assured of the quality and the markup is also good,” said Bhagwandas, an owner of a refreshment store in Matunga.

While the added burden of distributing perishable stock across thousands of outlets is bound to add to the cost, the department is confident that the increased sales will more than make up for it.

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