Bihar’s alcohol ban left people eating soaps, suffering memory loss

Bihar's alcohol ban left people eating soaps, suffering memory loss
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After Nitish Kumar led Bihar decided to ban liquor in the state, they knew it was going to be a daunting task. For one, restricting the entry of alcohol illegally in the state would be a tall order. So, the state has stepped up border security. But, they weren’t quite prepared for some very peculiar problems.

State’s doctors anticipated an increase in patients since it’s common for those who consume alcohol regularly to show withdrawal symptoms if they stop alcohol intake immediately. As a result over 700 patients were brought in to the state’s new de-addiction centres within the first few days itself.

But the symptoms weren’t restricted to the most common ones like tremors, anxiety, nausea etc.

The doctors got a 30 year old patient who failed to recognize his family after he stopped drinking. Another was found eating a soap bar in desperation of consuming ‘anything like alcohol’. A teenager consumed chilli, while some ate large quantities of paper or painkillers in an attempt to get high.

Fortunately, the state’s doctors haven’t hit the panic button yet. Instead, they’re working tirelessly to help patients and enlisting the help of the patient’s family members. Doctors believe that with time, the symptoms would subside and the patients would be able to continue on with their lives.

The state government has also decided to increase the capacity of the existing de-addiction centres and introduce new ones in a short span of time.

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