Bombay High Court orders demolition of scam-hit Adarsh Housing Society

Bombay High Court orders demolition of scam-hit Adarsh Housing Society 2
Pictured: Adarsh Housing Society

On Friday, the Bombay High Court ordered demolition of the scam-hit Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society located in South Bombay’s plush Colaba area.

The court also announced an inquiry into the politicians, bureaucrats, and officials involved in the scam exposed in November 2010. The court has given the housing society a period of 12 weeks to appeal to the Supreme Court against its order.

Additionally, the court directed the Defence Ministry to conduct a probe of its departmental offices for not taking swift action when the scam was exposed.

The hearing comes following the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest’s 2011 petition demanding demolition of the scam-hit structure given its lack of Coastal Zone Regulation Clearance.

The piece of land originally belonged to the Defence Ministry, who intended to build a six-storey apartment for Kargil veterans and their widows. Instead, a 100-meter-tall residential complex was built and it’s flats were sold to ministers, politicians and officials at below-the-market prices.

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan’s name also came up during the investigation of the scam as he and three of his relatives owned apartments in Adarsh Society. The allegations forced him to quit as the Chief Minister. When questioned about today’s hearing he refused to answer to the press.

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