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City dabbawallas now to deliver KFC’s 5-in-1 meal priced at Rs 149

KFC ties up with city's dabbawallas to deliver their 5-in-1 Meal box

KFC ties up with city’s dabbawallas to deliver their 5-in-1 Meal box

Dressed in a starched white shirt and adorning a Gandhi cap, the iconic dabbawallas deliver over 1,30,000 dabbas from people’s homes to their offices each day.

The Six Sigma rated enterprise is now set to add another feather in its cap after having tied up with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for the delivery of their 5-in-1 ‘Meal Box’ across the city.

Some Mumbaikars were in for a surprise yesterday, when the dabbawallas took on the role of KFC delivery men as part of an innovative marketing campaign. Mumbai Dabbawalas embody the spirit of lunch in Mumbai and seeing them delivering KFC boxes during lunch surely got them enough eyeballs.

KFC’s 5-in-1 Meal box offers a complete meal at an affordable price tag of Rs 149! The box includes 5 KFC favourites – Rice ‘n gravy, Hot & Crispy chicken, Hot wings, Pepsi and Chocopie. A Zinger burger variant of the meal box is also available in stores.

“The insight was simple – people want more in less! Our new offering is the ‘perfect lunch meal’ consumers can opt for and we are thrilled to launch it in association with dabbawalas in Mumbai,” said, Lluis Ruiz Ribot, CMO, KFC India.

This merger between KFC and dabbawallas has been well received by office-goers and food lovers in the city.

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