Counter Strike 1.6 on Android, need we say more?

Counter Strike 1.6 on Android, need we say more? 4
A still from the game’s trailer video

One of the world’s most popular first shooter games – Counter Strike 1.6 can now be played on your Android smartphone!

While the game isn’t what one would call ‘new’, it’s one of the few that have managed to achieve a cult status in the online multi-player gaming community. The game’s popularity was such that it spawned many international tournaments, entirely dedicated to it.

Now, the game’s developer Alibek Omarov has brought the game to Android. But, the game hasn’t been created from the ground up for Android gameplay. It’s essentially a rehashed version of the old game for those looking to experience the nostalgia of playing the game again.

But getting it to work isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

To play, one would require a Steam account, the CS1.6 APK file and Xash3D Android. Steps include installing the APK, installing Xash3D and then copying cstrike and valve folders from Steam CS1.6 to Xash on the phone’s storage.

While the touchscreen controls aren’t exactly great, the game does support external peripherals. The gameplay, on the other hand, is smooth and crisp.

Here’s a link to the game’s trailer:

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