Pratyusha underwent abortion days before her death

Pratyusha underwent abortion days before her death
TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee

Adding yet another twist to the case, medical experts at JJ hospital have revealed that the TV actor Pratyusha Banerjee was pregnant and had probably undergone an abortion days before her alleged suicide on April 1.

According to a leading daily, the doctors had conducted histopathological examination of tissues from the uterus and the findings showed that there was a conception few days prior to her demise. The examination also showed premature death of the foetal cell.

Although this revelation will help the cops in the on-going investigation, experts will have a tough time determining the paternity of the child as there are no tissues left for the DNA test.

Pratyusha’s viscera is still being analysed at Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory, where experts will be performing a chemical test to look for traces of poisoning.

Meanwhile, samples of the 24-year-old actress’ hair, blood and nail have been preserved for DNA analysis.

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