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Google declares itself ‘partially dangerous’

Google declares itself ‘partially dangerous’
Google declares itself 'partially dangerous' 6

A screenshot from the site

A reddit user has uncovered a hilarious Google fact! The search engine’s safe browsing site warns users that their primary site –, is also ‘partially dangerous’.

The safe browsing site is a web tool that scans URLs, identifies unsafe sites and warns users about potentially dangerous sites.

When the user looked up, the transparency report labelled it as partially dangerous, citing, “some pages on this website redirect visitor to dangerous [ones] that install malware on visitors’ computers” as one of the reasons for the warning.

Google wasn’t the only victim of it’s creation. The site also labelled blogging websites like Tumblr as ‘partially dangerous’. What’s more, Google’s biggest search competitor – Microsoft’s Bing – was labeled as ‘not dangerous’ despite the fact that it works exactly like Google.

After the user’s Reddit post, many others were able to replicate the result. Eventually, Google got a whiff of it and rectified it’s algorithm.

If you visit the safe browsing site now and check, it gets a clean chit that reads ‘not dangerous’.

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