Air India most reputed Indian airline, reveals survey

Air India most reputed Indian airline, reveals survey
Air india

According to the findings of a new survey, national carrier Air India is the most reputed Indian Airline, while SpiceJet took the lead among domestic private airlines, followed by Jet Airways and Indigo.

The research was conducted by media-analytics company BlueBytes, in association with TRA Research (formerly Trust Research Advisory), to evaluate a brand’s reputation with a two-pronged approach of media analysis and survey of consumer influencers.

In the international private airlines segment, Singapore Airlines was declared the most reputed, followed by Etihad and Emirates.

BlueBytes, in association with TRA Research (both part of the Comniscient Group), released ‘India’s Most Reputed Aviation Brands 2016′ – the first in the reputed series and is set to launch a monthly report on different sectors.

“In an industry where most players provide very similar services and the differentiators are barely a handful, having a good reputation becomes essential. A solid reputation alone can be the distinguishing feature for Indian aviation players to stand out from the clutter of the competition,” said Pooja Kaura, spokesperson, India’s Most Reputed Brands.

The study was conducted among 21 airline brands that have measurable media coverage in India.

BlueBytes tracked all the brands’ news in all the major English and Hindi print media across nine cities. In addition to media analysis, the consumer’s perception was also studied.


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