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Man stakes his wife in IPL gambling, loses

Man stakes his wife in IPL gambling, loses
Man stakes his wife in IPL gambling, loses

Man loses wife in IPL bet

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. A man from Gowindnagar in Kanpur put up his wife as ‘stake’ in an IPL bet and lost. As a result, his wife, who owns a boutique, registered a complaint against her husband on Friday.

2. According to a police official, the man first lost all his money in the share market, and then lost his wife in gambling. The official told Times of India, “The wife said the husband would beat her up every now and then and once he even urged her to bring Rs 7 lakh from her parents. Recently, he lost her during an IPL betting game, after which the husband’s fellow gamblers started making rounds of their house. They began harassing her on the phone too. Sensing trouble, she finally lodged a complaint against her husband on Friday.”

3. Post the incident, the woman received encouragement from a few activists and decided to report incidents of her husband’s domestic abuse, gambling and drinking over the past five years.

4. Another police official told the leading daily, “On the very first day of marriage, her husband, who was into share trading, asked her to hand over to him her jewellery and other valuables. Later, she got to know about his vices of drinking and gambling. Over the years, he either sold or lost in gambling all the valuables of their household. He was also planning to sell the house when this IPL gambling fiasco happened.”

5. At present, Kanpur police are investigating the matter while the accused is still at large.

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