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Mika is a changed man now, I know for sure he is innocent: Rakhi Sawant

Mika is a changed man now, I know for sure he is innocent: Rakhi Sawant
Mika is a changed man now, I know for sure he is innocent: Rakhi Sawant

Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant. Courtesy:

In a surprising turn of events, Rakhi Sawant, who had once accused Mika Singh of misbehaving, has come out in support of the singer after a model filed a sexual assault complaint against him.

Earlier this week, Versova police filed an FIR against popular Bollywood and Punjabi singer Mika Singh for allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting a model. The victim, a 32-year old model, claimed that the actor misbehaved with her when she visited his house on Tuesday morning. Based on her complaint, Versova police have booked Mika under sections 354, 323, 504 of the Indian Penal Code.

Denying all charges levied against him by the model, Mika later filed a counter-complaint claiming that the model was trying to extort money from him. The singer told police that the model had demanded Rs 5 crore from him and threatened to ruin his career if he didn’t pay. Since he refused to give in, the model filed a bogus complaint against him.

After the incident came to light, most of Mika’s ‘industry friends’ chose to refrain from speaking about it publicly. But to everyone’s surprise, including maybe Mika himself, Rakhi Sawant came forth to lend support to the singer. Back in 2006, the dancer and actress had accused Mika of misbehaving with her during the latter’s birthday party.

Rakhi claims that she is certain that the model has falsely accused the singer of sexual assault.

The ‘media’s daughter’ while speaking to TOI said, “Mika is a changed man now. He is my best friend and I share a very good rapport with his entire family. I know that man will never do something like this. You can call me his buddy, lawyer whatever you want but I know for sure Mika is innocent. He is the number one singer of this country and he doesn’t need to all this. He called me recently and told that he has been accused by this fraud girl. He asked me to help him and told that I should tell the media whatever happened in behalf of him.”

Further, claiming that the model was using cheap tactics to gain popularity, Rakhi said, “This girl is lying. She wants to create controversies and get an entry into shows like Bigg Boss and Splitsvilla. These young girls, who now come in the industry they don’t want to work hard, they all look for shortcuts. This girl has been after Mika for the past two-three years. She has been lying that she is a singer, model, designer and what not. She was chasing Mika to meet her, but he has been ignoring her. One night she entered his office and started tearing her clothes to prove that Mika had molested her. Mika got scared and called few women from NGO who tried to sort things out, but she started abusing even them. For the first time I saw tears in Mika’s eyes. He told me I want to settle down in life. Why all this is happening to me I am a changed man now. I completely believe him. Mika Singh is Valmiki for me. Whatever happened between us was 10 years back and we have forgotten about it. Rakhi and Mika never took shortcuts in life. Whatever we have earned in life today is because of our hard work. I don’t want this girl to take advantage of someone’s innocence. Modiji is working hard and making strict laws for crime against women. But women like this are misusing these laws. I am shocked and I condemn this.”

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