Judge orders man to gift saree and praise wife to avoid getting divorced

Judge orders man to gift saree and praise wife to avoid getting divorced
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Both lawyers and judges would vouch for the fact that divorce cases are seldom open-n-shut, with most embroiled in high tension and drama.

But, a judge from Madhya Pradesh adopted a rather unique way of helping a couple who had filed for divorce by acting as their ‘counsellor’.

Earlier this year, Ranu had applied for a divorce from her husband on the grounds of mutual consent. But the husband, Sanju, wasn’t in favor of the divorce. The couple resided in Khargone district, Madhya Pradesh.

While hearing the divorce petition, the Khargone Chief Judicial Magistrate Gangacharan Dubey observed that the wife was feeling lonely and ignored by her husband. So, the judge ordered the husband to purchase a new saree for her.

He also directed him to praise his wife while gifting her the saree.

During the next hearing, this Monday, the man appeared in the courtroom with a brand new saree in hand. He approached his wife and presented her the gift while confessing, “You are very beautiful and when you wear this, you will look stunning”.

Unfortunately for Sanju, one saree wasn’t enough to make up for all the times he had ignored Ranu in the past. So, the judge issued a new order and asked him to take Ranu out for shopping this time.

Judge Dubey observed that since women work hard all day, they expect care and appreciation from their husbands. By directing the couple to shop together, the judge is hoping that the couple will be able to sort their differences and start a new life together.

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