Modi responds to criticism over frequent rule changes, lauds people for braving hardships

Modi responds to criticism over frequent rule changes, lauds people for braving hardships
Narendra Modi

In response to the criticism faced due to the frequent changes in rules post demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that those who cannot endorse corruption and black money openly are relentlessly finding fault with his government.

He also said that this is just the start of the fight against corruption and unaccounted money, and that the government will tackle the issue of benami properties next.

“I assure you this is just the beginning in our fight against corruption. We have to win this war. There is no question of stopping… there is no question of retreat,” said Modi.

In the recent weeks, the PM has been on the receiving end of attacks from the opposition over demonetisation. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi even went to the extent of alleging that Modi was involved in corruption personally.

Moreover, since the note ban was announced on November 8, the Reserve Bank of India has issued over 60 orders or rules, which has led to an information overload and caused confusion.

During his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme, Modi defended the changes in rules related to deposits and withdrawals, saying that they were made keeping the people’s problems in mind and to put an end to tactics used by the corrupt to convert money.

“Being a sensitive government, it amends rules as required, keeping the convenience of the people as its foremost consideration, so that citizens are not subjected to hardships,” said Modi. At the same time, it has to come out with ‘antidotes’ against new tactics of the ‘murky enterprise of perfidy and corruption’.

“People, who cannot endorse corruption and black money openly, resort to searching for faults of the government relentlessly,” he said, lashing out at critics.

Modi also spoke about benami property law which came into being in 1988, but neither its rules were framed, nor was it notified.

“We have retrieved it and turned it into an incisive law against benami property. In the coming days, this law will also become operational. For the benefit of the nation, for the benefit of the people, whatever needs to be done will be accorded our top priority,” he said.

“I assure you that this is not the end. This is just the beginning in our fight against corruption. We have to win this war against corruption and black money. There is no question of stopping or going back in this fight. With wishes of 1.25 billion people, there is no question of retreat,” he said.

The PM also sought public’s cooperation in making the war on corruption a success, and lauded them for coming forward with information about hoarders and ignoring the barrage of rumours spread by detractors.

Appreciating the people’s role, he said, “They have not only braved hardships, but have also powerfully responded to those limited few who have been trying to mislead them.

“It was my earnest wish that the ongoing campaign against corruption and black money, including the realm of political parties and political funding, be discussed extensively in the Parliament. Had the House functioned properly, there would have been comprehensive deliberation,” Modi added.

“So many rumours were spread.. Somebody spread a rumour that the spelling on the currency note was faulty, someone said salt prices had spiralled, someone proclaimed that the Rs 2,000 note would also be withdrawn, even Rs 500- and Rs 100-denomination notes were rumoured to be on their way out. But I have seen that despite rampant rumour mongering, citizens have stood firm with their faith intact,” the PM said.

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