Now consult doctors in Facebook Messenger

Now consult doctors in Facebook Messenger 3
Facebook messenger users can consult doctors via the chatbot

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1. Social media giant, Facebook, launched ‘chatbots’ on its Messenger for developers last month. The chatbots communicate with users and help with simple tasks.

2. Now Lybrate – an online consultation platform, has introduced India’s first chatbot which will serve as a platform where patients can consult doctors via Facebook’s messenger. The platform claims to have about 100,000 doctors across more than 50 specialities.

3. Through the bot, Lybrate also aims to create awareness, discuss and answer queries on health-related issues. In order to make the experience more interesting, the bot also houses a ‘Health Quiz’.

4. This bot will be available for free and users can simply add it by going on Messenger and clicking on It will appear as any other contact in the user’s Messenger contact list. Users who are not on the messenger can opt to use the

5. The introduction of chatbots has opened unlimited possibilities for businesses who can leverage the technology to provide a host of services like information, concierge, e-commerce etc.

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