Paresh Rawal breaks odd-even rule, apologizes to Kejriwal

Paresh Rawal breaks odd-even rule, apologizes to Kejriwal 5
MP and Bollywood Actor Paresh Rawal

Bollywood’s leading comic Paresh Rawal also happens to be a BJP MP. But, that didn’t stop him from apologizing to opposition leader Arvind Kejriwal after he failed to abide by the city’s odd-even rule.

Delhi government reinstated the odd-even rule for the second time from April 15. On Monday, when the rule allows ‘odd’ numbered cars to ply on the road, the MP was caught travelling in an ‘even’ numbered car.

Rawal was on his way to the Parliament in his personal car when a traffic cop stopped him for violating the odd-even rule.

The actor, who wasn’t aware of the violation till then, admitted his mistake and willingly paid the fine for breaking the rule.

After paying the fine, he took to his microblogging account and apologized to the citizens of Delhi and their Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the ‘serious blunder’. Along with the message, he also attached a copy of the fine he paid.

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