Railways rakes in Rs 20 crore by charging ‘full ticket for kids’

Railways rakes in Rs 20 crore by charging ‘full ticket for kids’
Photo Courtesy: Zee News

Local Press Co 5-point Snippet

1. According to recently revealed data, the Central and Western Railways have cumulatively earned Rs 20 crore since the rule to charge a full fare to children aged between 5-12 which came into effect from April 22. Prior to the implementation of the rule, children were required to pay half fare for a confirmed seat.

2. Times of India has quoted a top official saying, “Around 5.5 lakh children travelled on CR and WR without a confirmed berth in the last two months. This means lakhs of seats were available for other passengers. This is like notionally adding several coaches in the system.”

3. The report further mentions that the Railways took the decision of implementing the rule with an aim to make available two crore confirmed seats for other elderly passengers. The plan will also help the cash-strapped railways to rake in over Rs 520 crore annually.

4. Although half tickets for kids are still available, they are not given a confirmed berth or seat. Parents will have to share their reserved seats with their children. Also, kids under five years will avail the benefit of a free train ride, but that too without a berth.

5. While some termed the decision as ‘unfair’, a few called it a good move by the railways as it allows more people to travel with confirmed tickets.

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