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RSS swayamsevaks propogate economic boycott of Muslims

RSS swayamsevaks

RSS swayamsevaks .

A large section of RSS swayamsevaks are propagating economic boycott of Jihadis in country.

And for the RSS and Friends of RSS, Jihadis = Muslims

In a series of tweets, Friends of RSS have asked the nation to stop doing business with anyone who has a “non Hindu / Jihadi name”.

“As a consumer, you can choose to go only to a Hindu barber. If Ola shows a non Hindu / Jihadi name driver, you can cancel immediately,” was one of the several tweets sent out by the account, followed by “The M (Jihadi) guy you hire or buy from might be a Jihadi. Do you want to take a risk of supporting them?”

Another tweet said, “How many Jihadis buy from Hindus when a Muslim option is available? Buy, not Sell. Ditto for Christians. Boycott the Jihadis.”

One of the tweets clearly hinted that the messages are aimed at Muslims in the country. It said, “Economic boycott the Jihadis. No jobs. No vendors. Make sure that not a penny of your money goes to M. Do that and see results.”

While another tweet said, “Jihad is everyday method of encroaching demands. The solution is to put stops. Economically boycott the Jihadis.”

Interestingly, most of the tweets sent out by @friendsofrss have been retweeted by @RSS_Org, which is supposedly the official Twitter handle of the Sangh, and is followed by almost all the senior BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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