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10 Bangladeshi reporters refused accommodation in 19 city hotels

Bangladeshi reporters

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Dhaka Tribune on Wednesday reported that around 10 Bangladeshi journalists who traveled to Mumbai were refused accommodation in 19 city hotels.

The journalists had traveled to Mumbai to cover the World Twenty20 semifinal match between India and the West Indies. They were refused accommodation because of their nationality.

According to, the manager of Hotel Sea Green said, “You are from Bangladesh? Sorry, no Bangladeshi passport is allowed in our hotel.” and the manager of Hotel Sea Green South refused accommodation to the journalists by saying, “There’s no government permission.”

The journalists were instead asked to go to Muslim-dominated neighborhood Dongri where they could find a hotel.

After trying 19 hotels they managed to find one in South Mumbai’s Mohammad Ali Road.

Pesi Sidhwa, partner of Hotel Sea Green and Hotel Sea Green South, denied the allegations. He said that a group of Bangladeshi journalists did come to his hotel however, they decided not to say as they could not afford the tariff. He also said that no restrictions by the government have been received for giving accommodation to Bangladeshis. He added that his hotels welcome guests from all nationalities.

Courtesy: Scroll.

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