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‘Shame on you!’ Sunny teaches ‘real journalism’ lessons to Mid Day

‘Shame on you!’ Sunny teaches 'real journalism' lessons to Mid Day

Sunny Leone

Former porn star-turned-actress Sunny Leone lambasted city tabloid Mid Day for cooking up a story this morning.

The newspaper had published a report claiming that Sunny had slapped a journalist at a five-star hotel in Gujarat in a fit of rage after she was asked how much she charges for ‘night programmes’ now that she is a movie star.

The newspaper also quoted her husband Daniel Webber, saying, “Sunny has given an apt reply to the reporter so we are not filing any police complaint. But henceforth, Sunny will think a thousand times before coming to Gujarat.”

Soon after the news report went viral, Sunny took to Twitter, and clarified that no such incident happened in Surat. Also, the actress reprimanded the newspaper and questioned the quality of journalism it is into.

In a series of Tweets, Sunny said, “Hey Mid-Day!!! How about some real journalism next time!!!! Or do U need to make up stories to sell papers????? #fail.”

Soon she posted another tweet, “I don’t believe in violence & don’t appreciate mid-day writing such horrible lies about me. I know u have Daniels number! Next time fact check!”

In the last tweet, she really took Mid Day to task for putting up a fake story. “It’s really a shame that Mid-day would not have the decency to fact check and call me. And rather print a story that is a lie! Shame on you!”

Speaking to an online portal, he husband said that story is published in Mid Day is complete and utter nonsense. “We’ve called up mid-day about it, and they’ve told us they’re going to issue an apology for publishing a completely false story,” he said.

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