Shiv Sena MP hits Air India employee with slipper, claims airline gave him economy class seat

Shiv Sena MP hits Air India employee with slipper, claims the airline gave him economy class seat
Air India (inset: Ravindra Gaikwad)

In yet another instance of blatant misuse of political clout, Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad hit an Air India staffer with his slipper over a ‘seating issue’ on Thursday morning.

UpdateAir India files complaint against Shiv Sena MP who hit staffer 25 times with slipper, delayed flight

According to ANI, Gaikwad was travelling from Pune to New Delhi via an Air India flight today morning when he got into a scuffle with one of their staffer over the seating arrangement. The flight landed in Delhi at 11 am.

Gaikwad told a news agency that he had purchased a business class ticket, but the airline provided him an economy class seat.

“I purchased a business class ticket but I was given an economy class seat. When I complained about the issue, they did not pay any heed,” he was quoted saying.

Following the incident, the first time MP from Osmanabad confessed to have hit the employee, but allged that the employee had misbehaved with him first.

“Haan maine usko maara tha, usne badtameezi ki thi (I hit him because he misbheaved with me),” Gaikwad told a news channel.

Meanwhile, Air India has set up a team to investigate the incident.

“We have constituted a team to probe the whole incident,” Air India spokesperson said.

The MP has also urged Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju to take note of how the airline functions.

Ravindra Gaikwad on assaulting AI staffer

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