Stop making ‘jumla’ of jobless: Shiv Sena to PM

Stop making 'jumla' of jobless: Shiv Sena to PM
If PM wants to claim credit for creating 7 million new jobs, he must also accept responsibility for the 11 million jobs lost, the Sena said

The Shiv Sena on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop making a ‘jumla’ (joke) of the jobless after a report allegedly disproved the PM’s employment claims.

The PM, in an interview last week, had claimed that seven million jobs were created in the organised sector and many more in the unorganised sectors.

A recent report by the Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy (CMIE), however, highlighted the decline in the number of registered workers, which the Sena cited while taking a jibe at the PM.

“Last year, nearly 11 million people, mostly workers, lost their jobs with the rural areas taking the biggest brunt. From these 11 million, nearly 6.50 million are women,” the Sena said in editorials in the party mouthpieces ‘Saamana’ and ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana’.

Forget creating new employment opportunities, but even those who were gainfully employed have lost their jobs, the Sena said.

A total of 39.70 crore workers and employees were registered till December 2018. However, the number was around 11 million lower than the previous year, indicating job losses, the party claimed.

“When the Prime Minister wants to claim credit for creating seven million new jobs, he must also accept responsibility for the 11 million jobs lost. What happened to your promise of ‘jobs for all’? It was just beating drums and now it has been shattered by CMIE revelations,” the Sena said.

Not only are urban centres reeling under unemployment, but 9.1 million jobs were axed even in the rural areas in 2018, the BJP ally said.

“Modi always speaks of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’, but in his own state (Gujarat), 6.50 million women have lost jobs besides 2.30 million in cities last year. The PM hoists balloons of job creations, while his senior minister Nitin Gadkari says its not possible to give jobs to all, and BJP chief Amit Shah urges people to ‘fry bhajias’ for a living,” the Sena said.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party accused the BJP of making false promises, alleging that a sensitive and serious matter like employment has been made a ‘football match’ in the past four years.

Sena went on to warn Modi against making a joke of unemployed millions, stating that the same people who catapulted the PM to victory were capable of bringing him down.

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