Shiv Sena’s train stopper MLA now accuses airport staff of serving him water in petrol bottle

Train stopper MLA accuses airport staff of serving water in petrol bottle 2
Shiv Sena MLA Hemant Patil

After holding up a train at CST for not getting a berth of his choice, Nanded’s Shiv Sena legislator Hemant Patil has now accused the staff of district’s Shri Guru Gobind Singhji airport of serving him water in a bottle used for storing petrol.

Speaking to the media, Patil said, “I was waiting at the airport’s VIP lounge to receive housing minister Ravindra Waikarji. I asked for water and airport staff gave me a bottle. The seal was broken but they assured me it had just been opened,” he said.

He claimed that after drinking the water, he and three of his supporters started vomiting and had to be taken to a local hospital. “I suffered from dysentery and headache. The water smelt of petrol. Some staff members told me the bottle was used to store petrol or diesel. If this is the state of affairs at the VIP lounge, we can only imagine how things are for the common man,” Patil alleged.

“The Food and Drug Administration should probe the issue. It could be an attempt to harm me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patil has submitted a complaint with Nanded police and airport authorities, and the police said they were investigating the matter.

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